FAQs by Partners

Frequently asked questions by partners

About GroupLeader.com

What is GroupLeader.com?
GroupLeader.com is an Irish company based in Dublin. The idea for GroupLeader.com was formed in 2009 and the company was formed in 2012. The business is entirely focused on groups of all kinds. We are based in the digital docklands area of Dublin and employ people in Ireland and overseas.
How do I become a supplier or partner?
If you are a hotel or coach company, it’s very easy to sign up. Just visit our Partners page and register. It only takes a few minutes... and it’s completely free to register.
What are the costs?
All we take is a commission of 10%* on the total final transaction value of the order; Partners only pay for confirmed bookings based on the final transaction value less taxes (IVA, VAT, city taxes etc.)
How do I get paid?
It is up to each partner to agree terms with each customer. Partners will deal directly with the customer on the platform and all agreements and contracts will be between the partner and the group organiser. GroupLeader.com suggests normal group terms should apply; a booking deposit should be requested to confirm the reservation and then a number of payments right up until arrival. The group organiser can request to reduce or increase the group size through a change request on the site. Essentially, the relationship with the group organiser does not change – partners deal directly with them and GroupLeader.com is just the facilitator.
When do I get paid?
Each partner sets their own terms and conditions for payment and these can be specific to each request and booking. The partner can set default terms, however these can be adjusted as required.   
How is payment made to me?
Payments will be made to partners electronically less commission. The group organiser will set up a payment plan with relevant amounts and dates. Once the total amount for each payment is collected, monies will be sent on or before the due date from the GroupLeader.com bank account directly to the partner’s account with a reference code specific to the group booking.      
Are my rates confidential?
Yes, they certainly are. The rate quoted by a partner is visible only by the group organiser and group members. No other partners will be able to see the information. It is therefore important that you tender your best and most competitive price. 
How long does the tender process take?
From the time a partner receives the request, GroupLeader.com advises partners to submit their quote as soon as they can. The sooner you can get the group organiser your quote the sooner they can make a decision.          
Do I hold ‘options’ once I have submitted the rates?
This is entirely up to each partner. You can let the group organiser know that ‘no space is held’ or let them know that you are holding space for them. Once the group organiser accepts a proposal, the partner can check their availability and confirm that they still wish to honour this proposal. If the partner confirms the proposal, the group organiser will have the requisite number of days to pay a deposit which will confirm the booking.
Our hotel does not accept certain types of groups, does not accept groups at weekends etc. What is the best way to communicate this?
If a hotel does not cater for certain group types (e.g. stags, hens, party holidays), please stipulate in your Hotel Description when you edit your Hotel Profile. Alternatively, partners can add this information in the Additional Info field at the bottom of each Proposal page when responding to an RFP.
Is GroupLeader.com planning on adding other destinations outside of the UK and Ireland? 
Yes, we will be expanding into mainland Europe soon. If you are a hotel, coach operator, tour guide or visitor attraction outside of the UK and Ireland and are interested in registering with GroupLeader.com, please email us at info@groupleader.com and we'll contact you as soon as we get to your country.


Log-in & Emails

What is my username? 
A partner’s username is always the email address they used when they signed up. However, the email address which we will use to communicate with you can be changed. (See below)
How do I retrieve a lost password? 
Go to our login page: http://www.groupleader.com/en-US/Login/ and click the reset password button. Simply enter your email address and hit Reset. You will then receive a temporary password which you can use to log in. You will then be able to change your password in Password Settings on your Dashboard. 
I have incorrectly entered my password too many times and I am now being told my username is locked out. How do I rectify this? 
You will need to contact GroupLeader.com directly to unlock your account. You can email support@groupleader.com or chat to us in the blue box at the bottom of the page. 
How do I change the address I receive email notifications to? 
You can do this simply by logging in, clicking on Edit Profile and changing your contact email address in the Contact details section then click ‘Update my profile’. Note that this will only change the email address to which you receive notifications; the user name will stay the same. 
I’m not receiving email notifications from GroupLeader.com. What’s wrong?
Some emails from GroupLeader.com may go to your spam folder by accident. Please make sure our email address (info@groupleader.com) is on your Safe Senders List. You can mark the address as safe or Gmail users can simply move an email out of their spam folder. 


Creating and editing your hotel profile

How do I edit my hotel profile? 
Simply sign in and go to "My Products" then click Edit Hotel to fill in or change your hotel profile. Make sure to hit “Save and Publish” or “Save Changes” on the final page when you’re done to make the profile live.
How do I upload images? 
When you log in, go to 'My Products'. Here there is an “Edit Images” option where you can upload and change images. 
Should images be a certain size for uploading to my profile? 
Yes, images must be less than 2MB each.
How do you choose which will be your main image?
The first image uploaded will be the first image displayed and so on. If you are not happy with the order of your images, you can always delete the images and upload them again in the correct order. 
I have uploaded images but in the search listings my hotel’s thumbnail image has not changed. How can I fix this? 
Images will be updated if you click “Edit Hotel” and click through the entire process to “Save Changes”
How do I change the name of my hotel? 
Unfortunately, you cannot do this yourself. To do this, you will need to contact GroupLeader.com at support@groupleader.com with your hotel name, the name you wish to change to and your contact details.
Can I link to our hotel website from our profile?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide direct links to your website from our site on your hotel description page as we want all group members to use our tools and book through our platform. This is similar to all online booking sites. However, if a user is looking for more information, they can always perform a Search for your hotel name if they want additional information. 
Can I set my default Terms & Conditions before I create my first proposal to a group?
Yes, your can set your initial terms from the “Default Terms” page when you log in. Subsequently, you can change this every time you create a new proposal.