Frequently asked questions by group organisers

About GroupLeader.com

What is GroupLeader.com?
GroupLeader.com is an Irish company based in Dublin. The concept was created in 2009 and the company was formed in 2012. The business is entirely focused on groups of all kinds. We are based in the digital docklands area of Dublin and employ people in Ireland and overseas.  
Why can't I use Online Travel Agents & Booking Engines for my group trip?
The travel trade defines a ‘group’ as 10 or more people travelling together and treats these groups differently to individuals or smaller parties – unfortunately groups need to ask for a price on-request and so cannot use hotel website booking engines or OTA's like Expedia or Booking.com to book. This makes the current hands-on approach very tedious for the group organiser. GroupLeader.com puts you directly in touch with suitable hotels and other providers, taking the hassle out of planning your group trip. 
What does it cost to use GroupLeader.com?
There is no cost to use the site. It is absolutely free. You can send as many requests to hotels as often as you like.     
Why can’t I see published rates on the site? 
There are no published rates on GroupLeader.com. Unique rates are created by each partner specific to your requirements on request. 
What is the minimum size of a group?
In general, the travel trade defines a group as 10 people or more, however the GroupLeader.com site can facilitate bookings for 6 people upwards.  
What if the number of people in my group changes?
Group travel rarely goes as planned and a reduction in numbers is part and parcel of this business. Hotels and partners understand this and the conditions agreed between you and the partner will typically allow for a change in group size.  Any changes can be communicated through our Change Request feature on the Bookings tab. Generally, you will pay a booking deposit to secure the reservation and then a number of payments right up until arrival. 
Am I dealing directly with the suppliers at the price they quote?
Yes, you most certainly are. GroupLeader is only the facilitator and we don’t mark up the hotel or partner rates. The rate the hotel or partner sets for the group is exactly what you see and what you get. There are no hidden extras.
Is all the money collected for my group safe?
All the money that is collected from your group is held in a secure account. Group organisers can manage the account to pay suppliers and can also see who has paid and how much. No more awkward conversations about collecting money and figuring out who has paid and who has not. Any money that is left over once all suppliers are paid can be transferred to the group organiser’s account. You are in complete control!        
Can I mark-up the rates quoted?
As a group organiser, you are perfectly entitled and enabled to change the rates and present whatever price you like to your group members. As a group organiser you can build in a free place or compensate yourself for organising the trip. The payment plan will allow you to remodel the rates you display to your group members.      
What rates do my group members see?
You can select how you would like to share the selected partners’ proposals with your group. You can either:
• Share your partners’ proposals with your group automatically. Each group member will be able to see all the detail that the partner sends through to you.
• Not share the partners’ proposals.  None of the group members will be able to see the detail that the partner sends through to you, unless you decide to share this detail  with them at some stage in the future.
• Share the partners’ proposals, but allow group members only to see the updated cost which has an added contingency amount which you can stipulate.
How do I collect money from my group members?
Your group members can pay you for the trip or event by all major credit and debit cards and by PayPal. The money is paid into a secure account and you can see who has paid you and who hasn’t.                
Is my information safe?
All your information is kept in a secure environment. It is not shared outside your group.  See “What rates do my group members see?” for more details.


Log-in & Emails

What is my username? 
A partner’s username is always the email address they used when they signed up. However, the email address which we will use to communicate with you can be changed. (See below)
How do I retrieve a lost password? 
Go to our login page: http://www.groupleader.com/en-US/Login/ and click the reset password button. Simply enter your email address and hit Reset. You will then receive a temporary password which you can use to log in. You will then be able to change your password in Password Settings on your Dashboard. 
I have incorrectly entered my password too many times and I am now being told my username is locked out. How do I rectify this? 
You will need to contact GroupLeader.com directly to unlock your account. You can email support@groupleader.com or chat to us in the blue box at the bottom of the page. 
How do I change the address I receive email notifications to? 
You can do this simply by logging in, clicking on Edit Profile and changing your contact email address in the Contact details section then click ‘Update my profile’. Note that this will only change the email address to which you receive notifications; the user name will stay the same. 
I’m not receiving email notifications from GroupLeader.com. What’s wrong?
Some emails from GroupLeader.com may go to your spam folder by accident. Please make sure our email address (info@groupleader.com) is on your Safe Senders List. You can mark the address as safe or Gmail users can simply move an email out of their spam folder. 
The group profile image is cut off/doesn't show up properly. Does it have to be a certain size?
For best outcomes the image should be square with each side being approx. 125 – 175 px.
I cannot progress past the payment plan. 
Make sure you don't enter in the % symbol into the text boxes