Muckross House

If group travellers are looking for a day filled with culture and beautiful sites, Muckross House in Kerry is the perfect spot

If your group is looking for a day out filled with culture and beautiful sites then Muckross House is the perfect spot for you.

The 19th century Victorian mansion has the backdrop of the stunning Killarney National Park. You can also find beautiful gardens and take tours of the traditional farms.

Extensive garden work was done in the 19th century for the visit of Queen Victoria. Since then the garden has been growing and you can now see the Sunken Garden, Rock Garden and the Stream Garden.

The traditional farms give your group a chance to see what it was like being a farmer on the land in the 1930’s and 1940s. It shows you how the farmers lived with no electricity and what the daily chores in the house were. You may even get a chance to sample their homemade, organic bread and butter in the houses. As you walk to the different farms and houses you may bump into a variety of animals including chickens, pigs and cows.

Come and discover for yourself how people on the farm lived, absorb the beautiful sights and smells from the gardens and soak up the culture in Muckross House. 

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