Killarney National Park

Ireland's first National Park and the highlight of any group visit to the south of the country.

Killarney National Park was Ireland’s first national park, and remains one of the most beautiful and diverse natural attractions on the island for group travellers.

Expanded gradually since its establishment in 1932, the park now covers an area of over 100km². Home to herds of red deer and Ireland’s largest native forest, Killarney National Park has its roots deep in ancient Ireland.

Remnants of Ireland’s long history are scattered all around the park: the Bronze-age stone circle at Lissivigeen (known as the ‘Seven Sisters’), the early-Christian Inishfallen and Muckross abbeys, and the 15th century Ross Castle. Walk your group around the park and you’ll be immersed in the sights, sounds and mythology of an earlier Ireland

Perhaps the most famous attraction within the park is Muckross House, a beautiful Tudor-style mansion which once hosted Queen Victoria herself. You can visit the interior of the house, roam around its extensive gardens, and even get a bite to eat in the lovely garden Restaurant.

Consisting of lakes, gardens, bog land, woodland, mountains and moors; Killarney National Park is brimming with all sorts or rare flora and fauna. For any group with fans of nature and history, visiting really should be a top priority. 

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