Derrynane House

Make sure your group visits Derrynane House and estates, former home of Daniel O'Connell, one of Ireland's great political figures.

Derrynane House is a museum dedicated to preserving the memory of Daniel O’Connell, known affectionately as ‘the Liberator’.

O’Connell was a leading early-19th century political figure in Ireland famed for his role in championing Catholic Emancipation and the repeal of the Act of Union – seminal events in achieving civil rights for the people of Ireland.

The House and its grounds comprise the 120 hectare Derrynane National Park which was used as a summer retreat by the O’Connell family. It was built by Daniel O’Connell’s grandfather Captain John O’Connell in 1702, and opened by the State as a museum in 1967.

The property contains many artefacts from O’Connell’s life as well as exquisitely manicured gardens within the sprawling parkland. The garden walks can be reached via a tunnel under the road.

The site is perfect for groups interested in the turbulent history of Ireland, but equally appealing for those who appreciate the building and grounds of the estate regardless of their historical relevance. 

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