Old Town and New Town

Edinbugh's Old Town and New Town are the focus of its culture and history. Make sure your group gets a chance to see for itself.

Together, Edinburgh’s Old Town and New Town form Edinburgh’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site.

No trip to the city could be complete without wandering through these medieval and Georgian districts, which still form the beating heart of Scotland’s capital.

The core of Edinburgh’s Old Town (or Auld Toun in the Scots) is the Royal Mile, sloping from the towering Edinburgh Castle down to Holyrood palace. It’s exactly (well almost!) one Scottish Mile long. That’s 8 Scots Furlongs, or 1.8 kilometres if you prefer. Veer off this and you can lose yourself and your group in the countless wynds and closes (alleyways to you and me) that form the labyrinthine Old Town.

With the Old Town becoming a bit crowded, the construction of Edinburgh’s New Town began in the 18th century. Today it survives as a masterpiece of Georgian city planning, featuring beautiful townhouses, boulevards and parks. It is home to many of Edinburgh’s museums and cultural institutions. It also contains the city’s main shopping streets, Princes St. and George St.

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