Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat is perfect for any group wanting to take a break and enjoy a stunning view of Edinburgh.

Right in the middle of Holyrood Park sits Edinburgh’s most famous natural landmark.

Arthur’s Seat, rising to just over 250m, offers amazing panoramic views over the Scottish capital.For centuries it has been a pleasant retreat for residents of Edinburgh, lying only a mile away from Edinburgh Castle.

Formed by volcanic and glacial activity, the hill has been a site of human activity since the Iron Age. Legend has it that Arthur’s site received its name from King Arthur himself, and that it may have been the site of Camelot Castle. Other mysteries around the hill include the discovery of 17 miniature coffins containing wooden figurines, and a miracle which saved the life of King David I of Scotland from a stag.

Near to the city, and offering an easy ascent for hill walkers, Arthur’s Seat is perfect if your group wants to leave the bustle of the city for a little while. It should only take about an hour, and the panorama from the top is unmatched.

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