Giant's Causeway

Walk in the footsteps of giants and explore the magic of the Giant’s Causeway!

With a 60 million year-old history, it’s not surprising that the Giant’s Causeway is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular attractions. Made up of nearly 40,000 closely packed hexagonal stone columns, the Causeway is a result of cooled lava from volcanic eruptions. According to local folklore, however, the stones were carved from the coast by the mythical giant Finn MacCool. Legend has it that when challenged to a fight by a Scottish giant named Benandonner, Finn tore large rocks off nearby cliffs to build a causeway across the Irish Sea to Scotland so the two could meet.

Located on the Northeast coast of the country and edged by the wild North Atlantic Ocean, this breath-taking formation is a national nature reserve and is Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sure to impress the entire group, visitors can walk over the columns – some reaching 12 metres in height – and immerse themselves in the history of the landscape in the Causeway’s new visitor centre.

Around 750,000 visitors make the trip to the Giant’s Causeway each year, so it’s best to visit the site midweek or out of season to experience it in all its wonder. The standard admission price for adults is £8.50, but tickets can be purchased online for £7.50. And be sure to book in advance for groups of 15 or more to receive discounted group rates!

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