Crumlin Road Gaol

Learn about the dark history of Crumlin Road Gaol, also popularly known as “The Crum”.

The prison first opened its gates in 1846 and for 150 years was a fully operational prison. On March 31, 1996, the Governor of Belfast's Crumlin Road Gaol walked out of the fortified prison and the heavy air-lock gates slammed shut for the final time

Now you and your group can visit the Gaol and witness first-hand what it was like to be held prisoner there. During those 150 years the Gaol has housed murderers, suffragettes  and loyalist and republican prisoners. It has witnessed births, deaths and marriages and has been the home to executions, escapes, hunger-strikes and riots.

A tour of the Gaol will allow your group to follow in the footsteps of over 25,000 prisoners and make the journey through the tunnel that connects the Gaol to the Courthouse. Explore the C-Wing and see for yourself what prison life was like through the ages as well as the dark secret that lies within its walls. Pay a fleeting visit to the Condemned man’s cell where seventeen men spent their last days before being executed. You will also visit the gravesite within the Gaol where the remains of fifteen of the executed still remain today.

Crumlin Road Gaol is open 7 days a week all year round and there are guided tours daily. There are group rates available on request so be sure to ask!

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