No group shopping trip is complete without checking into Harrods, the biggest department store in Europe.

No shopping trip to London is complete without 'popping in' to Harrods.

It is not only the biggest department store in Europe, but also deeply rooted in London’s history.

Founded in 1824 by Charles Henry Harrod, it burned all the way to the ground only 60 years later. Famously, all the Christmas deliveries were on time anyway and the store even made a profit that year! Harrods was rebuilt on the same street and became one of the first shops in the world to give credit. Famous customers included Oscar Wilde, Charlie Chaplin, Laurence Olivier and members of the Royal Family.

Today, the giant department store is most famous for its international selection, but also for its astonishing service and quality. Harrods lives up to the definition of department store with about 330 departments showcasing the finest luxury merchandise. Don’t worry if your group gets hungry while roaming the seven floors, there is plenty of food for every taste in over 27 eateries available. Despite the danger of being overwhelmed by selection and price tags, Harrods is a must-see attraction for anybody who has ever enjoyed shopping. Some of the highlights in Harrods are the “Egyptian Elevator” and the “Dodi and Di” Memorial Fountain. 

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